What is a personal CRM?

Businesses often use tools called customer relationship managers (CRMs) to keep track of and have good relationships with their clients. A personal CRM, or personal relationship manager, is a tool people use to keep track of their personal relationships.

Personal CRMs allow you to jot down important details or facts about your close friends and family. Think of it like an address book, calendar, notebook, and smart reminders all in one. A personal CRM can help you have a super-memory about all the things your friends want you to remember likes names, events, goals, or what you last talked about. Using personal CRM software helps you be the kind of friend you want to be, but can’t realistically be without some help.  Whether you’re doing professional networking, keeping track of sales leads, or just trying to be a better friend, a personal CRM can help.

Benefits of using personal CRM

Here are some of the main features and benefits of a personal CRM software that you have to look forward to:

  • Encourage new relationships into data-comprehensive contacts.
  • Categorize contacts based on tags, locations, company, and role.
  • Store all contact information, history and communication for instant access.
  • Organize schedules to keep track of events, meetings, and tasks.
  • Get reminders to stay in touch and follow-up nudges to reconnect with contacts.
  • Have unified access to communication channels like email, text, and phone calls.
  • See all important details and past engagements when dealing with a contact.